The All Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals

Time to get tough on football authorities, say MPs

Parliamentary group mutuals

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals has called on the Government to take urgent action to improve the way that football club owners behave towards supporter groups.

In a report that is critical of the attitudes the Football Association, Premier League and Football League exhibit towards the ownership of clubs, MPs have called for them to be directed to protect the interests of supporters.

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The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals Launch

Jonathan Evans MP speaking at the launch of the APPG for Mutuals


Yesterday [20 May 2013] saw the launch of the new APPG for Mutuals at a Parliamentary Reception in Westminster.  The launch was attended by MPs from each of the main parties as well as experts from  across the mutual sector.

The purpose of the new All-Party Group (APPG) is to discuss and support mutuals in Parliament. There is no doubt that over the past few years, mutuals of all types have received more attention from each of the political parties; all three of the main parties showed an interest in mutuals in their manifestos in the run up to the General Election in 2010 and since then, the Coalition Agreement included a commitment to promote mutuals.

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The All Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals

Following the October 2012 AGM of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Building Societies and Financial Mutuals, it has been agreed to widen the remit of the Group to cover all types of mutual organisation and to create the All Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals.

The expanded remit will see the Group promote all types of co-operatives and mutuals across Parliament, whilst continuing our crucial work to highlight the advantages of building societies and financial mutuals. We will soon announce an ambitious new agenda and look forward to working with Members to promote both existing mutual business as well as new co-operative and mutual solutions across the wider economy.

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Fostering Diversity: Promoting Mutuals

How can the Government best develop a policy strategy to implement the Coalition’s commitment to promote mutuals?

The Group accepts that the Coalition Government has been in power for just over a year and so there are limitations to how easily one can gauge their success in promoting mutuality over such a limited period of time.  However, from the evidence given to the Inquiry, it is clear that the Government has not yet developed a clear strategy to promote mutuals.

The Inquiry found that the Government appears to have concentrated its policy efforts on encouraging the development of new mutuals to provide public services rather than to support the existing financial mutual sector.

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The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals

Mutuo provides secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Building Societies and Financial Mutuals.   The Group is committed to supporting mutuality in building societies and financial mutuals. The Group has an active programme and in the last two years has had frontbenchers from the three main political parties address its members.  The Financial Services Authority also comes to speak to the Group regularly.

The Group has undertaken three Short Inquiries. In 2004, the Group carried out a successful Short Inquiry into the contribution mutual businesses make to the economy and society. In 2005, the Group looked at how well consumers had been well served by demutualisation. As a result, a further Inquiry into these questions was undertaken and in March 2006, the Group published its findings in a report entitled ‘Windfalls or Shortfalls? The true cost of demutualisation’.

The APPG's latest Short Inquiry Report

Most recently the Group carried out a Short Inquiry entitled ‘Fostering Diversity: Promoting Mutuals’ which can be viewed here.

Group Joint Chairs:

Jonathan Evans MP (Conservative, Cardiff North)

Baroness Maddock (Liberal Democrat)

Cathy Jamieson MP  (Kilmarnock and Loudoun)

Matthew Ball is Administrative Secretary to the Group.